The Vlog Start

Yes, I am still alive.

I am in the process of relaunching Jackabetic.
The plan is to evolve the website and YouTube channel.
To finish the Jackabetic Adventure series &
to get 100 YouTube subscribers (to create a URL)

Here is the first vlog entry to help explain…

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ep12 Explained



Mana – The Last Indian Village.
Deep in the Himalayas we find the source of the Ganges (which we have been following).


Blown away by the coolest little village ever and
enchanted by the beautiful surrounding, we feel enlightened.


After bathing in a hot spring we ride back to Rishikesh. With only 1 minor crash.
Upon exploring we stumble on the Beatles Ashram.


I say my farewells to my venture buddy Ben, and jump on a flight to Nepal.


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ep11 Explained

Royal Enfield


After crazy night of travel though darkness, trekking, rickshaws, rain, and landslides; Ben and I make it to the beautiful town of Rishikesh.
In Rishikesh we manage to find Ranjeet Motorcycles where we can rent a Royal Enfield.
Rishikesh launch
Finally my dream comes true. I am riding a Royal Enfield to and through the himalayas.

Until we run out of road, in the ‘Last Indian Village’.

Arriving at the end


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ep10 Explained


‘Wishing’ for a Royal Enfield to ride, but find myself heading to ‘Rishikesh’ by other means.

On my trip to Agra, I decided to stop in at Vrindavan after seeing the Taj Mahal.
I soon find myself lost in religious ceremonies at the Prem Mandir and ISCKON.

The next day Dr MJ takes me on a tour of the Ramakrishna Mission Hospital in Vrindavan, and I take part in a Diabetic Support Meeting.


I then head back to New Delhi expecting to get keys to a Royal Enfield.
With the keys still not delivered, I choose to spend time visiting the Lotus Temple.

LotusSoon I am informed that my bike is being returned because I haven’t been able to collect it from the station.
Disheartened, I venture north to Rishikesh to rent a bike.
On the way I meet up Ben just before the weather takes a turn for the worst…

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ep9 Explained


Awake early to catch the morning monk breakfast time in Haridwar
Haradwar sunrise
I head back to the Mini Palace in New Delhi where the keys for the motorbike should have been delivered. The keys however were returned because the private courier needed my signature to drop them off.

chai bus

Delayed for a few more days, I decide to head to Agra to see the Taj Mahal!!!

Close steps
Which was amazing! 

Far Taj The TajDetail Taj

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